Data management

The Letter of Access management meets the data provision and data sharing requirements of the European REACH regulation.

However, efficient data management is also required in other forms:

  • On the one hand, test results for a certain substance may not always be confined to that substance only, but may also serve as “read across” for related substances.
  • On the other hand, the worldwide trend towards the regulation of chemicals makes it necessary to provide and exchange data for use in various international chemical inventories.

In both cases, a high degree of administration and coordination is needed to allow data exchange while safe guarding the rights of study owners.

We take over the following tasks for you:

  • Communication and documentation of data
  • Compilation and update of Data Sharing Agreements
  • Cost calculation of Data Sharing and License to Use fees
  • Invoicing and financial management
  • Exchange of agreed data sets (e.g. Robust Study Summaries) between the parties involved
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