Study management

We have the resources and experience to manage the process of commissioning new studies in compliance with REACH, including assistance for situations where ECHA has assessed dossiers to be incomplete or inaccurate.

Particularly in the case of substances with a high hazard potential, certain studies should prove or disprove the assumed substance properties. Such a “final decision” by ECHA has an effect on all registrants who have registered the substance concerned in the volume band for whose REACH annex the additional study is required.

In order to best manage the process of commissioning a new study and, above all, to coordinate the associated cooperation of all parties involved, we will support you in the following activities:

  • Evaluation and commenting of ECHA decisions and strategic planning
  • Request and evaluation of laboratory offers
  • Communication with consortium members, co-registrants, authorities and laboratories
  • Calculating and invoicing cost shares of study fees
  • Technical study monitoring
  • Archiving of study reports
  • Updating of the registration dossier with the newly obtained study results by Chemservice experts
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